Who else wants an easy shortcut to ramp up your online sales conversions?

New push-button sales tool cranks up conversion rates... ramps up your revenue... in as little as 10 minutes... without changing a word of your sales letter.

Instantly personalizes your online sales letters and puts personal "Handwritten" notes to your reader anywhere you want on the page...

"I worked 9 months to make it so simple that anyone can do it, even if you don't have much experience with websites... plus there's nothing to download."

- Jack Born


Dear Internet Marketer,

If you've ever dreamed of a quick, push-button simple method of cranking up your conversion rates for your online marketing but you're tired of ebooks, tutorials, and teleseminars that over promise and under deliver... then this is what you've been waiting for.

Announcing... "Personalized Web Copy"!
The fastest, easiest way to give your sales copy a jolt of energy and add some "easy money" to your bank account.

This isn't an "information product"... you don't have to spend time learning any new "strategies" from a roundtable of "gurus"...

"Personalized Web Copy" is a push-button automated system you can use to personalize your online sales letters in less than 10 minutes!

Just look at these facts:

  • Every marketing guru on planet Earth swears by the time-tested power of personalization

The personalization is very important. Any time you can do it, you better. Personalization in a letter or email will up response by 30%

- John Carlton
World famous copywriter in an interview with Perry Marshall

  • Smart entrepreneurs personalize the emails they send out to their list of prospects and clients

There's a really strong connection when you personalize the message...

When you personalize stuff it makes people look at it and makes people open it...

There's nothing more powerful than using someone's name...

- Jonathan Mizel
Internet marketer in a video recording of a seminar

  • Every time-tested reliable direct marketing technique has been adapted to internet marketing except personalization

You already know that proven direct response marketing is the only reliable way to sell online... and personalization is one of the oldest, most reliable tools in the direct marketing arsenal.

But until now there was no easy and reliable way to personalize a web page.

And until now there was no way at all to add personalized "handwritten" notes to your reader on your website.

These facts spell out a HUGE advantage for you because "Personalized Web Copy" was launched just recently and it's the only way to get ALL of the benefits of personalization that offline direct response copywriters have relied on for decades to boost their sales.

Want to see a live demonstration...?

(You'll know in 2 seconds flat if this is "for you")

See this in action -- it's quick and easy!

Just enter in your first name and email address and you'll be be instantly taken to a personalized version of this sales letter with your name in the greeting and handwritten notes in the margins...

Plus... I'll send you a link to an online movie clip that will show you exactly how easy it is to personalize your website sales letters. It's like sitting at my desk and looking over my shoulder as I give you a one-on-one tour of "Personalized Web Copy"!

Enter your first name:

Enter your primary email address:



Imagine The Looks Of Amazement You'll Get As Word Leaks Out About Your Overnight Jump In Sales!

Are you tired of sifting and slogging through a mountain of ebooks, teleseminars, and "me-too" courses to find a handful of tried and true ways to increase your online sales?

I built "Personalized Web Copy" to give internet marketers a fast, simple, and effective way to crank up online sales conversions without a bunch of jib-jabbing.

In fact, it's perfect for beginners and advanced marketers, too! Whether you're new to the internet marketing "game" or you're a seasoned veteran with dozens of cash cow niche websites churning out predictable income... "Personalized Web Copy" can take your sales to a new level faster and easier than anything else you've ever seen.

Plus, it works with any website, in any niche, for any product.

Thanks to my super-easy, yet unique, "Personalized Web Copy" system, you’ll quickly discover that personalizing your website can be fast, easy and fun. It's made for regular entrepreneurs of ALL skill levels... even if you're a complete novice with little or no experience programming.

Grab visitors "by the eyeballs" when they see your sales letter address them by name!

Imagine ... when you send a brand new opt-in lead the first follow up email, he doesn't see a generic link back to your website. He sees a personalized link with his name in it. And when he clicks through to your website he sees his name in the greeting of the letter. Imagine the extra attention your message will get and the extra sales you'll soon see in your email inbox.

What does this mean for your online sales?

  • Better clickthroughs to your follow up emails.
  • Better conversion rates on your sales pages.

Sound interesting? This could be you too!

After your order with ClickBank is complete you'll get instant access.

And you know what's even better ...

Your website will remember clients and prospects by name for years to come!

That's right... "Personalized Web Copy" gives you the ability to "tag" clients and prospects with an invisible cookie once and remember them forever!

That means that they could come back to your website months later without needing to go through a special link... and you can greet them with a personalized message.

What's more, you can use "Personalized Web Copy" to personalize as many pages on your website as you want! Whether you have one sales letter or several hundred, "Personalized Web Copy" will work with all of them.

And don't forget about the amazing new feature that has never been available to internet marketers until now...

Adding personalized simulated handwriting makes it look like you've literally written a personal note to your reader across your sales letter with a colored pen!

If you want to add simulated handwriting to make it look as if you scribbled a note to your visitor with a colored pen, this push-button tool is the only one that can deliver.

You can choose any color you like...

You can place it anywhere on the page you want...

You can choose from several types of simulated "handwriting"...

You can even put their name right into the handwritten note!

But don't expect to find this feature anywhere else... it took me over six months to perfect the effect... and another three to make it brain-dead simple for anyone to add these conversion cranking little notes anywhere you want... even if you have zero programming experience.

In fact, I have several live action online tutorials that take you by the hand and show you step by step exactly how to do it. You'll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to add simulated handwritten notes to your readers.

You'll even get big tips from me about where to put the notes, how many work best, and other things to try.

"Personalized Web Copy" supercharges your affiliate program and breathes new life into your affiliate partners

Affiliates need tools to sell your products effectively. They want simple promotions that work.

"Personalized Web Copy" gives you a new tool to drop in the hands of your affiliate partners that they can use right away just by making one small two second change to their promotional emails.

But even if your affiliates are too lazy to change a simple link in their promotional emails, or they don't use email lists to promote you... "Personalized Web Copy" still invigorates your affiliate marketing.

That's because ANY traffic they send you will go into your sales funnel. And with "Personalized Web Copy" converting more of those leads into revenue your affiliates will see a jump in their income from your program.

You will have started an uncontrollable chain reaction that energizes your affiliates and breathes new life into your marketing. Their renewed enthusiasm will send more traffic into your sales funnel...which converts more sales... and on and on. Success breeds success.

Attract "Heavy Hitter" Super Affiliates By Giving Them What They Want...

Nothing can deliver more cash in your bank account than a handful of successful joint ventures with "super affiliates" that can send you tens of thousands of potential buyers.

"Personalized Web Copy" gives you a huge advantage when it comes to attracting these "big league" potential JV partners. They want to pomote programs with high dollar-per-referral results and "Personalized Web Copy" will help give you that edge.

Prospects, affiliates, and joint venture partners might even start calling you "The Conversion Guru" when they see and hear the amazing results you're getting! Imagine your website being known as the best performing affiliate program in your niche!

The sooner you test drive "Personalized Web Copy" the bigger your benefit... and the smaller your investment!

Since this product was just recently launched the testimonials and success stories are just starting to roll in. But for now, I have to face facts and realize that I have to reduce my price until I get some testimonials up online.

So you get a big price break that will disappear very, very soon.

Rather than pay $199 or even $147...

Your discounted price is just $97!

And remember...

This is the only way to get personalized simulated handwriting jumping out at your readers and demanding their attention...

This is the only way to personalize the greetings of dozens or even hundreds of sales letters on your website...

Nothing is faster...

Nothing like this is easier...

There's nothing to download...

And you're getting the lowest price for this breakthrough tool...ever!

Oh, and something I forgot to mention but is a HUGE deal for you if you're like me and you run multiple websites...

Order today and use "Personalized Web Copy" on up to 100 web sites!

If you run several dozen websites then you're going to save a ton of time, headache and frustration since there's nothing to download. No more uploading software to each site you run. No more configuring dozens of sites. My web based tool makes it a snap.

And you'll be thrilled to know that just one tiny investment covers all your websites.

The reason I say the investment is tiny is because I know how much time it took me to develop and perfect this system to the point where anyone can use it like a pro... regardless of computer experience.

Forget about hiring a high priced programmer... 99 out of 100 can't pull off half of the magic my new tool puts at your fingertips.

Listen, it took me six months of research and development to create the effect... and another three to make it so simple (you'll be astonished at how easy it is). And quite honestly... I'm one of the best in the biz when it comes to writing code. So pricing my "baby" at a mere $97 breaks my heart... but I expect the price to double in the next six months after I get some testimonials up online (hey... maybe even yours!)

And remember... there's nothing to download!

No complicated code to install on your server...

No confusing instruction manuals to read...

It's practically too good to be true... so I've backed it up with a rock solid promise to make sure you have nothing standing between you and a once-in-a-career opportunity to have a huge advantage over the other competitors in your niche...

Here's My 56 Day, No Frills, No Questions Asked, 100% Satisfaction, "The Dog Ate It!" Guarantee!

Use "Personalized Web Copy" on up to 100 websites you own. Enjoy 56 days of superior conversion rates and energized affiliates enthusiastically promoting your links and sending you traffic. Leave your competition wondering why they're suddenly losing market share.

I'm confident you'll find "Personalized Web Copy" easy to use and the results fantastic. You will have your sales letters personalized in no time flat!

BUT, if my revolutionary sales-improvement tool doesn't amaze you with how quickly and easily you can personalize your online marketing and generate increased revenue, I don't want to keep your money. If you're not completely satisfied with the tutorials for any reason — or even no reason at all — simply contact me and I'll issue you a cheerful refund.

That's how confident I am that this system will change your life and your business forever. I stand completely behind this product because I know that if you just try it once, you'll have your website pulling in more orders and attracting more affiliate attention than you ever thought possible.

Give it a try today! There's absolutely no risk whatsoever.

After your order with ClickBank is complete you'll get instant access.


"What about the bonuses?"

I hate seeing online sales letters that pile on a bunch of useless ebook bonuses with over inflated "values" to convince you to bribe. So instead, I'm going to give you just two bonuses... but make 'em count. In other words... these are bonuses that you can get some real value from.

Bonus #1 - My personal email for support and follow up questions

Even though I have quick-start movie tutorials you can watch anytime, anywhere right on the web... I want to make sure that my first clients have incredible success with my new product. Nothing guarantees that your success like one-on-one support.

So I'm going to violate a cardinal rule of "automated marketing" on the internet and give out my personal email address to the first 100 buyers!

This bonus will disappear soon. I'd be an idiot to keep giving out my email address to hudreds of clients and promising to help each one personally. So even if I wanted to keep this bonus - it's just not feasible. That's why I'm limiting it to the first 100 buyers.

Bonus #2 - Viral marketing "Freebie" to create a growing wave of affiliate sales and fatten your wallet

"Personalized Web Copy" is truly revolutionary and unlike anything you've ever seen on the web.

I've set up an affiliate program through ClickBank that will pay you 50% commission on sales that you refer to me. A product like this, that is unique, with built in demand for it, will sell like hotcakes and you stand to make a pretty penny if you want to promote it.

But I'm going to give you a special tool you can use to promote "Personalized Web Copy" and make even more money than you would otherwise.

I've created another fantastic push-button tool that any internet marketer would love to have. You can give it away for free to anyone you choose and drive qualified leads into the sales "funnel" for "Personalized Web Copy".

Any visitors you send my way to sign up for my "freebie" will be cookied with your affiliate code so that when they purchase "Personalized Web Copy" - you get paid!

I won't tell you what it is... but when you see it you'll wonder why I don't charge money for it. It's not an ebook. It's not a teleseminar. It's not a video... it's a tool that can be used by any internet marketer to grow their list of opt-in prospects.

I could easily charge money for it... but I'd rather use it as a viral marketing tool that helps my affiliates create sales by giving away something of great value for free.

A one-time investment of $97 gives you instant access to personalize up to 100 websites with the one-of-a-kind "Personalized Web Copy" system with nothing to download and a 56 day money back guarantee!

If you move fast, you'll get the lowest price I will ever charge for "Personalized Web Copy".

Since I just launched this product in early August of 2006 I haven't had the exposure to get a flood of testimonials... but they're starting to roll in. And one of these days I'll get off my butt and put them online, hike the price, and even if sales drop I'll still make more money...

Besides... I may raise the price just to prevent the market from being flooded with over-use of this powerful technology.

No matter what my motive... the price will go up.

Right now... today... you only pay $97. Eventually I'll bump that to $147 and probably test $197 down the road.

And think about this - who do you think will benefit more from this marketing breakthrough? You... when you purchase today... or the guy that comes across it five years from now?

You... of course. It will always work, but the early-adopters of this technology get some of the "easy money" before the rest of the market wakes up to what's going on.

So, by taking fast action you get MORE benefit for LESS upfront investment. Plus you have my 56 day no-hassle money back guarantee so you have no reasons to wait.

Remember... The Earlier You
Get Started, The Better!

The sooner you start the better it is for both of us... You get a jump start on your competition, the lowest price I will ever offer ($97), and a chance to make a ton of affiliate sales before the word really gets out. I get a new client and a new affiliate partner!

It's a win-win-win all around.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’ve always wanted an unfair advantage in your niche market, or you dreamed of an easy way to increase the number of orders arriving to your email inbox, here’s the one system that makes it faster and easier than you imagined!

If you’re a serious internet marketer or you need your online revenue to jump to the next level, you owe it to yourself to get started right way. Plus, with my no-risk guarantee, you have nothing to lose! Click here to order "Personalized Web Copy" through ClickBank today!

Discover how much fun your internet marketing can be when you get in on the ground floor of something really BIG!


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To your success,

Jack Born
Professional web designer and programmer since 1999

PS - Don't forget about all of the early mover advantages... you get the most benefit for the lowest price I'll ever offer... and the first 100 early-birds get my private email address for one-on-one follow up questions and assistance to guarantee your success.

PPS - Since I'm still collecting testimonials, you have a chance to get your photo and a link to your website up on this very page... if you love my product... and if you move REALLY fast.